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HR Break Room is a podcast from your friends working in human resources, dedicated to bringing you interesting break room conversations with experts on the latest buzz surrounding HR and HR tech. Hosted by Morgan Beard, HR Break Room brings together industry experts to discuss brewing trends and robust solutions to today’s workplace challenges.
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Jun 8, 2023

In order to create opportunities for transformational success, your employees first must have the freedom to be themselves. Emotional transparency and inclusivity are key to achieve this, and no person has demonstrated these values quite like Robin Roberts, the versatile co-anchor of the top-rated morning news program, ABC’s Good Morning America.


In this previously recorded episode of HR Break Room®, Roberts shares her perspective on the many obstacles employees may encounter and how to use that adversity to succeed in the workplace. Her unique story paves the way to opening a new conversation centered on efforts extending beyond the traditional definitions of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.


Join us as Roberts recounts her path from small-town Mississippi to inspiring millions daily nationwide by sharing her journey, and ways she has worked to provide others a sense of psychological safety and well-being in the workplace.


Key takeaways

·        A workplace can create a safe environment to support its employees through adversity.

·        Transparency benefits people in both their personal and professional development.

·        How to move past the idea that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging efforts are more than just boxes to be checked, and move toward a more holistic, personal approach.

May 23, 2023

Guest: Futurist Mike Walsh

You may have heard about it at work or on the news. It’s artificial intelligence or “AI” for short — a complex subject that’s still evolving. While some people express concern, others are optimistic and excited. Regardless of the hype or the pundits’ daily hot take, the future of work is something nearly everyone is experiencing in real time.


Futurist Mike Walsh has been a leading authority on disruptive innovation and digital transformation. In this episode of the HR Break Room® podcast, he uses his expertise to break down all things AI and technology as he helps clarify what we can expect in the workplace during these interesting times.


Listen as Walsh and host Morgan Beard discuss:

·        the quickly evolving landscape of work

·        how AI will impact the workplace

·        leadership challenges arising from digital transformation

May 9, 2023

Starting a business can be scary, especially when you step outside a successful career for the unknowns of entrepreneurship. That’s exactly what Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow did when she founded the lifestyle brand Goop.


What started as a simple newsletter in 2008 grew into an industry-leading wellness operation and a source for unique, innovative approaches to health. Goop exists to enrich its customers just as its CEO aspires to enrich her employees’ experience in the workplace.


In this episode of HR Break Room®, Paltrow discusses her company’s journey and how crucial genuine employee investment is for any growing business.


Key takeaways

·        Defining the crucial first steps of building your own business

·        Inspiring and empowering your employees

·        Understanding how employee investment benefits the company

Mar 7, 2023

Guest: Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour

As part of our observance of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we wanted to hear from someone who has played a substantial role in that history.

Meet Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour, America’s first Black woman combat pilot. That’s a big first for aviation, but it isn’t the only first in her exciting, groundbreaking story.

FlyGirl joins host Morgan Beard in the HR Break Room®, to discuss her gutsy, trailblazing path from the Nashville Police Department to two tours in Iraq and beyond.

In this candid conversation, FlyGirl touches on:

  • overcoming the obstacles of gender equity in the workplace
  • breaking through old fears and paradigms
  • holding business leaders accountable for diversity and inclusion efforts
Feb 15, 2023

Guest: Steve Boese, H3 HR Advisors

 In a new nationwide study, Ernst & Young (EY) revealed the high cost of common payroll errors under the traditional system. On average, fixing a single payroll mistake costs a company $291.

The cost isn’t simply financial. Organizations also pay in time spent fixing these errors and managing the fallout they create. EY found, on average, a full-time payroll employee spends nearly 29 workweeks on corrections.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, H3 HR Advisors co-founder Steve Boese joins host Morgan Beard to dig in to the EY study and break it all down. Listen as they:

·        react to the study’s key findings

·        discuss how payroll errors harm the employee experience

·        examine the impact of payday accuracy on HR productivity

·        offer strategies for avoiding payroll errors

Dec 6, 2022

Guest: David Maraniss, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Path Lit by Lightning: The Life of Jim Thorpe

In this episode of the HR Break Room® podcast, host Morgan Beard sits down with Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Maraniss to discuss Oklahoma native, athlete and sports legend Jim Thorpe.

Maraniss shares insights on workplace leadership, inclusion and determination he learned as he wrote the biography Path Lit by Lightning: The Life of Jim Thorpe.

Maraniss and Beard also touch on the values Thorpe demonstrated throughout his life and how he continues to inspire today as the namesake of the Paycom Jim Thorpe Award.

In this episode, Maraniss discusses:

  • perseverance as a leadership trait
  • the wide-reaching impact of Thorpe’s athletic career
  • Thorpe’s legacy as a pioneer of diversity and inclusion
Nov 22, 2022

Guest: Candace Nelson, author and founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes

Candace Nelson, entrepreneur, author and founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, makes her first visit to the HR Break Room® podcast. From a self-made pastry chef to a permanent judging spot on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Candace Nelson has rewritten the recipe on turning a passion into a successful career.

After opening the world’s first cupcake bakery in 2005, Nelson continued to grow, becoming an angel investor and author of two books, the most recent being Sweet Success: A Simple Recipe to Turn your Passion into Profit, hitting shelves in November 2022.

Candace joins host Morgan Beard to discuss her first foray in the cupcake market, women in entrepreneurship and how shaping her own mindset was instrumental to her success.

In this episode of HR Break Room, Nelson discusses:

  • how mindset plays a role in entrepreneurship
  • tackling imposter syndrome
  • female representation in the startup and venture capital arena
Nov 15, 2022

Guests: Christie Schmidt, manager of HRIS, and Sarah Johnson, payroll supervisor

What if there were a way to fix a problem before it became a problem? Paycom’s Beti guides employees to do just that.

With Beti, employees find and fix potential problems ahead of unpleasant payday surprises. Christie Schmidt, Paycom’s manager of HRIS, and Sarah Johnson, payroll supervisor, join Morgan Beard to highlight industry-first technology and why it’s vital to millions of employees.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, Schmidt and Johnson discuss:

  • the consequences employees may face without Beti
  • how Beti simplifies life for employees and employers
  • misconceptions around employees doing their own payroll

For more on Beti, check out our recent blog where renowned real estate investor and consultant Barbara Corcoran discusses the advantage of employee-driven payroll

Nov 8, 2022

Guest: AJ Griffin, Paycom’s director of government and community affairs

An expanding company brings excitement, hope and, of course, growing pains. AJ Griffin, Paycom’s director of government and community affairs, joins host Morgan Beard to discuss the obstacles a business faces as it grows.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, Griffin explains:

  • the most important considerations for business growth
  • the difference between federal and state compliance regulations
  • how businesses can keep up with regulatory changes

For more on how growing companies can reduce the risk of audits and penalties, check out our on-demand webinar, Scaling for Success: HR Compliance for Now and the Future

Oct 25, 2022


Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane of H3HR

Mark Stelzner and Kimberly Carroll of IA

Stacey Harris of Sapient Insights Group

HR Tech is one of the biggest and most prestigious human resource conferences in the world, bringing the industry’s top thought leaders to the forefront.

HR Break Room®’s Morgan Beard sat down with several guests during this year’s conference to talk about the importance of HR tech and HR’s place in the world today.

In this “best of” compilation from Las Vegas, Morgan speaks with Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane of H3HR, Mark Stelzner and Kimberly Carroll of IA and Stacey Harris of Sapient Insights Group.

The conversations cover a wide array of topics including:

  • the importance of HR Technology Conference
  • how the world of HR is changing
  • how companies can best prepare for the future
Oct 18, 2022

Guest: Ben Brooks, founder and CEO of PILOT

As a part of Paycom’s HR Tech series, HR Break Room®’s Morgan Beard sat down with Ben Brooks, an executive coach and thought leader, for a wide-ranging conversation in Las Vegas.

From HR practitioner to the founder of his own company, PILOT, Brooks taps into his expertise of career coaching to discuss the state of HR, the workplace and the future of both.

“Work can be a transformative, exciting place where we meet best friends and have these transformative, amazing experiences. But it takes each one of us being a real active owner in our careers,” Brooks said.

In this episode of HR Break Room, Brooks discusses the:

  • importance of career development in regards to retention
  • difference between the “great resignation” and “quiet quitting”
  • blurring of work-life balance
Oct 4, 2022

Guest: Kim Hancock, vice president of human resources

When you’re a state-of-the-art aviation company, streamlined and reliable processes are essential in everything you do. And when safety is absolutely critical during every part of your process, eliminating distractions and inefficiencies can have an enormous impact felt by everyone in the organization.

As the vice president of human resources for a large firm that repairs and tests commercial aircraft engines, Kim Hancock has helped her workplace achieve next-level productivity and safety increases. Due in large part to a solid HR technology strategy including employee-driven payroll, Hancock and her organization empowered employees with innovative tech that helped them stay focused on their vital work of maintaining and testing aircraft engines.

Key Takeaways

In this episode of HR Break Room®, host Morgan Beard sits down with Kim Hancock, an aerospace manufacturer’s vice president of HR, to discuss:

  • the importance of HR tech from someone with hands-on implementation experience
  • how HR tech impacts employee engagement, company efficiency and even safety
  • why corporate culture and employee experience are directly linked to the quality and effectiveness of workplace technology
Sep 20, 2022

Guest: Seth Mattison, Future of Work Keynote Speaker

2020 reshaped norms across society, including unprecedented dynamics in the workplace. Two years later, the dust has settled and a new question has emerged: What is the future of work?

Business strategist Seth Mattison has spent his career researching how the world of work is changing. According to him, we’re building the workplace of the future right now.

“We are the architects of what the future of work is going to look like, and I think it’s really important for all of us to take ownership,” Mattison said.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, Mattison discusses:

  • how workforces can become future-ready
  • generational dynamics and their impact moving forward
  • the importance of employee engagement

To learn more about the future of work, watch our on-demand webinar, Employee Engagement: Strategies for Success With Seth Mattison.

Sep 6, 2022


Adam Ballard, VP of Marketing

Casey Twenter, Senior Creative Director

From TikTok to TV, Paycom has partnered with influencer Corporate Natalie to reach audiences nationwide with its message on the power of employee-driven payroll through Beti®. But how did these efforts come to fruition?

Paycom’s vice president of marketing Adam Ballard and Casey Twenter, senior creative director, join host Morgan Beard for a discussion on what it takes to make these campaigns happen.

“One of the things I really enjoy most about working on a brand like Paycom is we’re really limited only by our own imagination of where we could go,” Ballard said.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, Ballard and Twenter discuss:

  • nuances of the creative process
  • the importance of resonating with the right audience
  • concepts on marketing innovative technology
  • how employees do their own payroll with Paycom
Aug 22, 2022

Guest: Sharlyn Lauby, consultant and HR Bartender founder

The future of work is changing, but what does that mean for current and future employees?

In this episode of HR Break Room®, training consultant and HR Bartender founder Sharlyn Lauby discusses the role of learning and development programs and how they’re adapting to the ever-changing work landscape. Lauby offers her take on how these programs must be flexible to all employees, regardless of generation or skill level.

To learn more about the evolution of learning and development, watch our on-demand webinar, From Training to Thriving: Sharlyn Lauby’s Keys to a Skilled Workforce.

Aug 3, 2022


Tiffany McGowen, VP of Talent Acquisition

Jennifer Mathew, Manager of Talent Acquisition

Paycom’s Tiffany McGowen and Jennifer Mathew join host Morgan Beard to discuss talent acquisition in an ever-changing marketplace.

“The first thing is acknowledging that we know it’s a different market,” said Mathew, Paycom’s manager of talent acquisition. “What we did yesterday might not work today, and what we do today might not work tomorrow.”

McGowen, Paycom’s vice president of talent acquisition, shared similar sentiments regarding the future of hiring. “Just seek first to understand, and then build your strategy to react and react quickly, but don't overreact,” she said.

With so much unknown, it’s essential to be proactive with talent acquisition management, but finding a starting point can be challenging.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, McGowen and Mathew discuss:

  • the current state of recruiting and candidate markets
  • what candidates want from prospective positions
  • recruiting efficiently in a hot labor market

For more on how recruiters can attract and retain top talent, check out our blog post, Securing Top Talent With Unconventional Benefits.

Jul 19, 2022


Jenn Lim, CEO of Delivering Happiness

Happiness at home carries over into our professional lives, but what happens at work may affect us more than we realize.

CEO and bestselling author Jenn Lim says, “If you have a sense of purpose or you're actually working on the path of a purpose, that actually can increase your odds of being sustainably happy over time.”

In this episode of HR Break Room®, Lim discusses discovering one's personal purpose and how that ties into the workplace. She breaks down the techniques for getting started on discovering that purpose and how organizations can help their workforce in this effort.

To learn more about how employee purpose impacts workplace culture, visit our on-demand webinar, Real Talk on Employee Purpose and Values With Jenn Lim.

Jun 30, 2022

Guest Host:

Steve Boese, H3 HR co-founder and At Work in America podcast co-host


Tiffany McGowen, Paycom’s vice president of talent acquisition

Tiffany Gamblin, Paycom’s director of HR business services

In today’s world of work, employees are engaging with workplace technology that is evolving faster than ever before. As such, organizations are figuring out how to best align their workforce with that technology while making it an enjoyable and engaging experience.

In this episode of HR Break Room, guest host and H3 HR co-founder Steve Boese sits down with Paycom’s vice president of talent acquisition, Tiffany McGowen, and Tiffany Gamblin, Paycom’s director of HR business services, to consider:

  • the role of workplace tech and how HR and talent acquisition can bridge the gap between tech and the organization at large
  • strategies for providing employees with a better workplace tech experience
  • how to give employees the technology they need to effectively do their jobs
Jun 30, 2022


Hill Harper, best-selling author, philanthropist and award-winning actor

Initiatives geared toward promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) are increasingly vital to a business’s success.

Philanthropist and award-winning actor Hill Harper says, “We are only as good as the person who doesn’t feel heard, who feels marginalized, who is not experiencing pay equity, who doesn’t have their holiday celebrated, who doesn’t even have their holiday acknowledged, who’s told to hide parts of themselves.”

DEIB efforts are at the forefront of many human resource professionals’ minds. But how do we make sure we’re supporting these goals year-round?

In this episode of HR Break Room, Hill Harper will discuss:

  • methods to build a culture with empathy and understanding
  • how to build trust and open communication throughout a workforce
  • the value of perspective in order to live fulfilled lives in the workplace


Jan 6, 2022


Ravin Jesuthasan, futurist, author and human capital thought leader

With competition in the labor market at an all-time high, it’s essential that an organization’s culture attracts and retains in-demand talent to achieve and maintain success. Therefore, HR must innovate, evolve and reinvent its processes to create an experience that meets the demand of today’s employees. In order to remain competitive, having the tools candidates expect isn’t just an option — it’s essential!

According to futurist Ravin Jesuthasan, the function of HR is shifting from its traditional role as a steward of employment to a steward of work. With new technologies, HR is empowered to reshape the work experience for every employee companywide; in doing so, HR will sit alongside business leaders to orchestrate new work ecosystems and organizational structures.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, Jesuthasan joins host Caleb Masters to consider:

  • how the digital transformation and democratization of work are reshaping the
    requirements of HR
  • HR’s evolving role in enhancing the employer brand and overall employee experience
  • the importance of leveraging new HR technology to enhance workflow and streamline processes

To learn more about how the right HR tech can enable HR to reinvent its purpose within an organization, read our blog post, “Conquering Turnover Through Effective HR Tech.”

Dec 2, 2021


Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference program chair and HR Happy Hour podcast co-host

Last year forced many employees to engage with workplace technology more than ever before. As a result, top candidates are paying close attention to the tech potential employers provide employees. With the U.S. Department of Labor reporting more than 10.4 million open jobs in September, the competition for talent is heated. In order to remain competitive, having the tools candidates expect in today’s business environment is essential.

It’s not enough, however, for an employer to just implement new tech; they have to ensure these tools are accessible, are stress-free and provide meaningful value.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, Boese rejoins host Caleb Masters to consider:

  • how the tightening labor market forces organizations to re-evaluate the employee experience
  • the role of HR in fostering an attractive employee experience through technology
  • how technology like Beti® drives employees’ trust in their organizations

Learn more about how employee-driven payroll can empower your workforce by reading our blog, The Future of Payroll: How Beti Improves the Employee Experience.

Sep 30, 2021


Chad Richison, Paycom founder and CEO

In 1998, the World Wide Web wasn’t yet a household necessity, but something that tied up phone lines. However, that didn’t stop Chad Richison from bringing his idea of businesses seamlessly processing payroll entirely online to life with Paycom. From the days of dial-up internet to the smartphone boom and beyond, Richison has led Paycom through every major electronic advancement of the 21st century. Throughout the evolution, Richison has maintained a belief that HR tech is at its most effective when employees use the technology to enter and own their own data just as they do as everyday consumers. With the company’s recent launch of Beti®, a revolutionary, employee-driven payroll experience, Paycom continues to reflect his vision and prove how HR technology can transform an organization for the better.

Richison’s focus on an employee-centric HR experience has made Paycom an industry-leading technology. His position makes him intimately familiar with the trends of technology and its impact on the workforce. To celebrate the HR Break Room® podcast’s 100th episode, Richison shares his insight on how consumer trends may influence the HR industry from here.

In this episode of HR Break Room, Richison and host Caleb Masters discuss:

  • the legacy of Paycom and how its vision has evolved
  • how the everyday use of apps positively impacts businesses
  • how employee-driven technology strengthens an organization
  • why a continued employee focus represents the future of work

Learn more about how to embrace the future of HR through employees doing their own payroll by heading to

Sep 15, 2021

Beti®, Paycom’s industry-first, employee-driven payroll experience, is making waves in the HR technology industry. Recently named a Top HR Product of 2021 by Human Resource Executive magazine, Beti is revolutionizing how organizations view payday by putting the power of payroll in employees’ hands.

In this HR Break Room Take 5, host Caleb Masters consults Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference Program Chair, and Barbara Corcoran, famed investor and personality, about what this innovation means for HR and business as a whole. We also hear from Alex, an HR professional who recently elevated their organization through the power of Beti.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • why employees should have the ability to do their own payroll
  • how Beti can leverage payroll accuracy and help reduce errors
  • the immediate benefit of Beti through a first-person account
  • how Beti can empower businesses of all sizes

Ready to step into the future of Payroll? Learn more by heading over to

Aug 6, 2021


Nicholas Bloom, William Eberle Professor of Economics at Stanford University

According to Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom, “the fully remote plane is about to crash. I’m surprised it’s lasted this long — probably only due to the social capital we’ve built prior to the pandemic.” He now believes “hybrid is really the sweet spot long-term.”

Bloom has studied remote-work practices worldwide, and his research offers a clear-eyed understanding of the dynamics at play for both employees and leadership in remote and hybrid workforces. He has seen the struggles along with the big wins across a variety of industries, and his analysis of recent events provides a path for the future.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, Bloom joins host Caleb Masters to discuss:

  • the benefits and challenges of remote, hybrid and fully on-site working models
  • how demographics affect the success of a hybrid workforce
  • the importance of objective performance metrics for remote and hybrid workforces
  • the unintended HR liabilities arising from remote-work practices

Learn more insights about the current state of hybrid, remote and fully on-site workforce by attending our on demand webinar, Workplace of the Future: Remote Work and the Hybrid Workforce.

Jul 14, 2021


Hill Harper, best-selling author, philanthropist and star of ABC’s The Good Doctor

AJ Griffin, Paycom director of governmental and community affairs

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission is building the Greenwood Rising history center, a state-of-the-art institution that creates an immersive educational experience to educate visitors about this historic event and honor the legacy of Black Wall Street. To support the cause, the Centennial Commission received contributions from Paycom as part of an ongoing giving campaign in which employees have the opportunity to donate to a variety of local and national causes.

Hill Harper’s philanthropic work with the Centennial Commission and position in the media give him unique insight into nonprofit fundraising and the economic realities of the minority communities he serves.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, Hill, Griffin and host Caleb Masters discuss:

  • using technology to foster a philanthropic culture
  • how corporate giving can boost employee morale and strengthen the employer brand
  • funding challenges faced by smaller philanthropic organizations
  • how technology can help reduce barriers of entry that keep people from retaining and creating wealth

Hear more insights from Hill Harper related to breaking down organizational barriers and defeating fear by watching our on-demand webinar, A Culture of Innovation: Strategies for Promoting Inclusion and Defeating Fear With Hill Harper.

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